Light Graffiti Artists & Artworks

I’ve done some research into light graffiti in relation to our group project and discovered that this artist called Eric Staller as people called him the father of light drawing or light graffiti in its present day form. He may well be the very first light art performance photographs because of his light art performance pieces such as Light Tubes, Happy Street and Technicolor Torsos are elements of performance art.

Eric Staller Artworks:

The second artist is called Michael Bosanko, a light artist and photographer. He is very good at creating different kinds of light artworks as showed below:

  • Organic
  • Abstract
  • Illuminating Artists
  • Iconic Movies
  • Creatures / Aliens / People
  • Dem Bones
  • Orbs / Sparks / Portals
  • Vehicles
  • Font / Logo

Those light artworks are inspired us to create our own artwork or use it as an example for audience to experiment with. The two artists have demonstrated us the possibility of the light graffiti world as well as inspiration artworks.

Michael Bosanko Artworks:


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